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Here at Redeemed Mag, we believe that every woman has a story about her walk and we want to hear them. All of them. Your regrets and your pride, your falls and, of course, how you can see God’s redemptive hand through it all.

At Redeemed Mag, we love grit, passion, and honesty. What we don’t like are exposés, bashing, preaching, or take-downs.

We love tackling the real stuff of what it means to be a woman in the church or a Christian woman living in the world’s culture. Body image, modesty, purity culture, depression and how the church stigmatizes it, race, domestic violence… nothing is off limits. We want you to tell your real story, the gritty and authentic one, and how you view/deal with it in relation to your faith.

We also enjoy less-gritty topics, so go ahead. Tell us the 5 things you learned after you got married, how you handle your season of singleness, or how nature brings you closer to God.

We don’t deal with just women’s topics here. We publish any topic under the sun with a woman’s voice telling the story.

We also accept submissions once in awhile from brothers in Christ for our “Brothers Speak” section.



Redeemed Mag is just one publication of many so we like to see pieces short enough to engage the attention of our busy readers. However we still like our content to have substance and value, so we like our pieces to be no less than 650 words and no more than 1,200.

We like pieces that are clearly-written, grounded in the Word, and intelligent. We love it when you quote from Christian books, from secular news and academic journals that support what God’s been telling us all along, and from Christian thinkers. Bonus points if it’s someone like Martin Luther, C.S. Lewis, or Julian of Norwich. Our staff is full of Christian bookworms and bible study nerds.

Take peek around and get a feel for our style.

We take submissions by email. Please email all submissions to ninaspakdi92[at]gmail[dot]com. In your subject line, put “SUBMISSION: the name of your piece”. Be sure to include a short bio and your favorite headshot.

If you don’t hear back within two weeks, it’s safe to assume that we aren’t currently able to use your piece. You are encouraged to try and try again!